Make New Friends but Keep Discord (S5E7)


Watch what happens when Celestia  tells Fluttershy to invite her friend Tree Hugger to the Gala because she invited Discord.

When Fluttershy lets slip that she has invited a friend other than Discord to the Grand Galloping Gala, she’s surprised he hasn’t been.  He is friends with Celestia, after all.  As Discord proved in Three’s a Crowd, he’s not so good at the Friendship thing.  With Fluttershy getting another friend, he goes out of his way to demonstrate how unimportant being invited was too him and that he also has other friends.  Will anybody survive his brand of chaotic passive aggressiveness?

This episode highlights what Magic is Friendship can do so well: provide a meaningful lesson by highlighting the flaws of its many players, while having the players remain true to character.   Everyone has met a person, whether that be a friend, a family member, or a co-worker who is wonderful in many ways, but if you say the wrong thing, anger or disagreeableness ensues.  Being around them is an exercise of walking on eggshells.  Discord is perfect for this role because he can get away with being portrayed as infantile for he has essentially just graduated from the terrible twos, thanks to Fluttershy.  Fluttershy, for her part, shows her remarkable talent for tolerance, and her willingness to hold Discord to a higher standard, perhaps in hopes he’ll see what he doing wrong.  When that fails, with her new friend Tree Hugger in jeopardy, she steps into full control mode and puts him in his place like a good mama.  This episode is as much a Fluttershy episode as a Discord one.

But a troll is hiding in plain sight.  Remember that Fluttershy said Celestia was Discord’s friend now?  That she was surprised he didn’t get an invitation?  Remember in The Best Night Ever that Celestia said, “Oh, Twilight. The Grand Galloping Gala is always awful…That is why I was thrilled you were all attending. I was hoping you could liven things up a bit!” Celestia isn’t above trolling as she did the Cakes in Bird in the Hoof.  And, at the end of this episode, she admits to having invited Discord: “Can you imagine how dull it would have been if I hadn’t invited Discord? Come on! Whoo!”  I would not put it past her, and it would be absolutely in character if she did, that she told Fluttershy to invite her new friend Tree Hugger and that she would invite Discord herself.  Watch this episode from that perspective (and watch her expressions in particular) and see if you don’t agree!

Watch to watch for (and comment upon)

  • MLP embraces the history it creates; to what episode is Fluttershy referring in the beginning sequence?  When Rarity’s dress is vacuumed away, to what clothing related joke does it refer to in The Best Night Ever?
  • Need a Kleenex?
  • Note that when Pinkie breaks the fourth wall, she rattles the camera.
  • Righteous…  So what instrument plays when Tree Hugger speaks?
  • Do you think Hasbro can make a Discord House toy?
  • Watch the post pony become post-pony.
  • The Smooze is an MLP first generation villain.  What color was it way back then?
  • Name all the comedians referred to when Discord does stand up.
  • When Discord asks Tree Hugger, “Do you even know what you just said?”, did you immediately agree?
  • Watch for Barney (er, the stand-in because of copyright issues).
  • What movie does the glowing door refer to?  Will the children in the audience get this?

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