Castle Sweet Castle (S5E3)


Watch as Twilight’s friends try to make her castle more like home, their home

After living in cozy wood-walled library for years, moving into a cold, cavernous, echoing castle (without any servant staff) might make anyone feel lonely and isolated.  Twilight seeks the solace of her friends, acting annoyingly helpful and unwilling to take hints to go home.  When she pulls an all-nighter cooking at Pinkie Pie’s and falls asleep at the subsequent castle dining room breakfast, her friends compare notes.  They send Twilight off to the spa while they redecorate to make it more like home.  With a herd of egocentric ponies, this might not turn out well.

The cadence of comedy in the episode is top notch–from Spike’s Rarity plushie to Bulk Biceps’ new job–very obviously counterbalancing a darkly emotional theme of loss and trans-location.  It’s a slice of life, where all the Mane 6 can all act uncharacteristically juvenile, perhaps forgetting themselves imagining Twilight’s emotionsthus allowing the children in the audience relate.  Moving to a new home or losing someone or something is a universal theme, and something friends can help with.

Though Twilight is no stranger to castles, having lived in an ivory tower from the age of a foal to that of a college-age adult (let’s say 9 to 19), moving from a cozy wood library  to a dark empty crystalline castle might be a shock.  The writers show us the obliterated library, a ravaged hulk that reminds Twilight of her loss.  When her friends volunteer to redecorate, they each add touches that would make them feel at home, which results in a re-muddled mess.  In their defense, though you might think them adult enough to have thought of Twilight’s tastes, seeing their friend an emotional wreck might result in emotional problem solving.  In the end, with a typically undiplomatic comment from Spike to end their defensiveness, Twilight’s friends eventually build a new chandelier for the throne room that incorporates the roots of the destroyed library (conveniently removing it permanently from the Ponyville landscape).  Its crystals incorporate pictures of good-times Twilight spent with her friends, undoubted from Pinkie Pie’s photo collection.  It proves to be what Twilight needed.  As a kicker, we learn each friend found a room a redecorated it alone, which would have been a better plan to start with.

While, the episode does solve the problem for Twilight, it does leave the original starkly dark interior design of the castle, and Hasbro’s toy product, essentially untouched.  Nothing will be more homey or warm than the Golden Oaks library was.  The episode shows us everybody’s home; all seem more homey. Were Twilight a real person and not a cartoon, I’d worry that using the roots of the Golden Oaks Library this way might actually cause the wrong memory in somebody who could easily suffer PTSD.  Last: trees often regrow if the root system is intact; now the Golden Oaks Library never will.

What to look for (and comment upon):

  • Rarity Plushie.  This is funny on too many levels.
  • Much deserved Angel Bunny mayhem.
  • A portrait.  Do you think they should have left it hanging?
  • Sound effect when Twilight begins to fly.  In what episode to we hear the full sequence we hear a snip on here?
  • A new masseuse at the spa?  How does he compensate for not having hands?
  • What would you feel if a piece of your burnt out house was re-purposed as a light fixture in your new house by your friends?

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