Let the Countdown Marathon Begin to Season 5 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


Season Five begins Saturday, April 4th on Discovery Family.  To celebrate, the marathoning guide is now complete. A small article has been posted for each television episode, starting with the first, for both Equestria Girls movies, and for all the EqG prequel shorts.  Inspired by the Equestria Daily website countdown for Season 4 that began on September 18th of 2013, this guide provides a perfect way for you to countdown the days and the episodes, refreshing your memory of the stories.  Each posted article starts with a picture showing an important instant in the episode worth noting.  That’s accompanied by a one-line teaser designed to pique your interest if you’re in a hurry to start watching an episode.  Or you can click below the fold where you’ll first find a thumbnail summary intended to get you into the story without providing other than vague spoilers.  Following that, you’ll find a short analysis that for some episodes is a literary dissection, in others pure speculation, and others just a plain critical review by a published Science Fiction author (me).  In any case, that bit will definitely contain spoilers.  Last, you’ll find a list of special gems and Easter eggs that you can search for in the episode, that ought to make you think or point to things easily missed that should not be missed.

Read a post prior to watching an episode and you’ll find, as Luna said in Luna Eclipsed, “Ha ha! The fun has been doubled!”  I guarantee she’s right.

Last, be sure to bookmark Marathoning Pony.  As Season 5 progresses, I plan post a weekly episode followup entry and review for your continued marathoning enjoyment and edification.  Go binge, I dare you!

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