Equestria Games (S4E24)


Watch Spike, the Great and Glorious, suffer performance anxiety.

When Spike arrives with the Ponyville team at the Equestria Games in the Crystal Empire, he finds himself swept away by adoring crystal ponies.  He’s a hero thanks to his part in The Crystal Empire pt 2.  Cadence gives him the honor of lighting the torch with his fire breath.  When the big time comes, Spike takes one look at the stadium filled with tens of thousands, and blows smoke not fire.  Though Twilight saves his dignity, proving his worth may require something more than just looking good.

This episode may be interesting as a culmination of all the Equestria Games threads, first mentioned in Just for Sidekicks—but is more interesting because is shows what happens when Spike’s incredibly resilient ego finally crashes and burns.  Since his first episodes, Spike has repeatedly seemed blithely unaware that anyone thought of him as anything other than praiseworthy. This time, he fails and notices it, and like the rest of us, he suffers through dealing with disillusionment that prevents him from seeing his true self.  We can all hope that we have friends that can set us straight like he does.  I look forward to the new Spike that could be drawn from the ashes of the old one in this episode.

What to look for (and comment upon):

  • What did Spike do to get fawned upon?
  • Where is the “Houston, we have a problem” moment?
  • What’s Spike’s last name?
  • How does Spike think he lit the torch?

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