Twilight Time (S4E15)


Watch the CMC learn the good and bad points of letting people know that you know a celebrity.

Twilight has decided to give forward what she got from Celestia and tutors Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle in magic and research.  Pushed one-too-many times by Diamond Tiara in the school yard, Sweetie Belle brags that they hang out with Princess Twilight Sparkle. Forced to prove it, CMC arrange for Twilight to show up at a hay-burger joint.  That doesn’t satisfy the herd of foals that appear and the CMC are forced to make Twilight time for everybody.  This will not end well.

Calamity-on-Four-Hooves Sweetie Belle is learning to do magic.  Be afraid. Be very afraid.  That aside, this great episode addresses younger audiences very effectively, but remains humorous to the non-target-demographic.  Subjects like valuing a mentor, balancing ethics with becoming popular, and dealing with celebrity make very good lessons.  Who better to mess everything up than the CMC goaded on by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon?  By contrast, Twilight displays an amazingly adult demeanor, but is earthy nonetheless. She is type of person you’d really like to get to know.  And, oh, Hay burgers—‘nuf said.

What to watch (and comment upon):

  • Are we surprised that Apple Bloom is learning potions from Professor Snape Twilight?  What episodes did she show interests in the arcane arts?  Do you wonder if this will be her special talent?
  • How many burgers does a princess eat?
  • Look for the Night of the Living Dead allusion.
  • What blueprints are on Twilight’s wall?
  • What is Spike frustrated about.  What happens to what Spike is frustrated about afterward?
  • So…Scootaloo builds a unicycle.  Kind of a let down from building an self-driving clockwork full-sized parade float in which episode?
  • Apple Bloom’s disguise alludes to what actress?  Extra credit if you name the film.

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