Three’s a Crowd? (S4E11)


Watch Discord acts out paroxysms of teenage jealousy.

Being a Princess and saving the world one catastrophe at a time is wearying; it is rare that the princess sister-in-laws get a chance to take a day from their busy schedules to visit.  When Cadence does, though, Twilight has plans for some nerdy fun.  Unfortunately, Discord gets in the way.  He has the “Blue Flu,” and though Twilight’s friends do their best to keep him from interfering, Discord dispenses with distractible Pinkie and impatient RD, and infects Rarity and AJ.  Fluttershy is out-of-town on an expedition to visit the Breezies, and Discord wants some TLC.  He ensnares the Princesses into helping him, which puts them into harms way from more than disease.

This is a great character-building episode for all concerned (except for Pinkie who seems to have slipped into another plane of reality or has succumb to sugar brain-rot).  Though the top-notch humor is cartoon-y, the situations are nonetheless real to each pony and they deal with them to the best of their abilities, learning more about Discord along the way.  The interactions between the Princesses are as real as it would be for any capable adults dealing with difficult situations.  And then there’s Glass of Water.  While one could argue that John de Lancie doesn’t have a great singing voice, his delivery and the wildly histronic montage underneath it are absolutely fabulous.  Slo-mo and freeze-frame images from this sequence; the over-the-top detail will amaze you.  And you say this is a TV children’s cartoon?

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Discord says he has the “Blue Flu”.  If you don’t know that this means fake, do look it up now.
  • How many bells does Star Swirl’s hat have?
  • Was that Flash Sentry and did he give Twilight the eye?
  • Pay attention when Discord sneezes.  Watch for the house floating away and other oopsies.
  • Watch carefully when you hear, “Can somebody find me a fainting couch?”
  • I’m surprised “Not it!” did not be come a meme.  What exactly is not it?
  • In the montage look for allusions to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pinocchio, Aladdin, and Flashdance.
  • Look carefully for the TSA jab.  What did they stop him for?
  • The lighting effects in the dance scene are exceptional.
  • Look for Tom Cruise Risky Business allusion.
  • Interesting how unicorn magic is powerful, but can’t kill.  This will be important later in the season.  Rainbows just aren’t lethal.  (Discuss.)

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