Somepony to Watch Over Me (S4E17)


Watch Apple Bloom find out that it can be hard growing up with a perfectionist in the family.

When Applejack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith all must go on errands, Apple Bloom asks for and gets permission to watch the farm so they can go off.  Seeing her big opportunity to be seen as more grown up (brewing since Bridle Gossip), she works hard not to blow it.  When an obsessively worried, overprotective Applejack returns home early, she startles her little sister into creating a epic disaster in the kitchen.  Applejack’s smothering attempts to keep her little sister safe, bordering on the psychotic, drive Apple Bloom to go out an prove herself responsible enough to be on her own… in a swamp of gas fires and monsters!

This is another episode that fleshes out a theme very important to both young viewers (being perceived as growing/grown up) and their guardians (not smothering your charges).  With a dash of CMC, the message hits the target in the bulls-eye.  And, oh yes, we see Applejack in hip boots.  Who wants to miss that?

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • How many pies can a filly stack?
  • What Macauley Culkin movie inspired this episode?
  • Applejack is a hoof nail-bitter.  What other pony is also?  In which episode?
  • How does Apple Bloom sleep?
  • Find Twilight’s old doll, Smartie Pants.  In what episode to Twilight loose it?
  • Name all the things one needs to make a delivery through a swamp.

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