Pinkie Pride (S4E12)

S4E12Watch Pinkie Pie learns a lesson in humility (pone-ility?).

When Pinkie is planning a party for Rainbow Dash, its epic aura attracts another party planner pony named Cheese Sandwich whose cheesy-sense resembles Pinkie’s pinkie-sense but for the need unusual and unique parties.  When he volunteers to plan RD’s “Birth-a-versary,” everybody assumes the two party planners will work together.  Pinkie doesn’t take it that way.  Parties and making ponies smile is her specialty–and she has never been second best nor, especially, second fiddle.  Darkness plays out in her soul as she determines to fix the problem.

This episode again capitalizes on the production strengths of Friendship is Magic: great animation, humor, and music—and adds the comedy and personality of Weird Al Yankovic to the mix in a fiendishly great ponified way.  The story is a musical in the style of Oklahoma, perfectly tuned to show the anguish and emotion in the souls of the characters singing it.  Because of the narrative quality of the songs, these six songs advance the plot even better than those in the Magical Mystery CurePinkie’s Lament, obviously influenced by the songs in Disney’s Frozen, is a crowning achievement not only musically but in addition to the fabulous montage it imbues with emotion.   Of all the songs, only extended version of Make A Wish, the new official brony birthday song, makes it to the recent Songs of Friendship album.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  •  What movie and actor does Cheese Sandwich’s outfit allude to?
  • There are many callbacks to previous episodes.  Yes, ponies have history and the series generally preserves continuity.  How many can you find?  (Including one song.)
  • How does Pinkie wipe her tears?  (Strangely, this brings to mind a scene with a cherry stem in Twin Peaks.)
  • The rainbow key affect actually occurs three times in this episode (including in Pinkie’s eyes).  Try to find the other two.
  • Extra credit: The mane 6 colors repeat numerous times in the episode.  Find them all!
  • Derpy extravaganza!  She’s hiding in plain sight in many places, including enjoying chocolate, appears as a foal, and stares at Boneless.
  • When Pinkie sings on the balcony, notice the lighting and the animation of her mane.  In what episode did Twilight get similar epic animation-love?
  • How old is Rainbow Dash, at minimum, considering that one candle is often added to a cake for good luck?  How old at maximum counting hidden candles on the other side?

And just because…



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