Maud Pie (S4E18)


Watch Pinkie Pie’s friends learn not only that her family is strange but that they also rock.

Pinkie is excited to the point of making mountains of rock candy to share between her friends and her sister Maud.  Considering Pinkie Pie’s hyperactivity, when her sister arrives and proves to quiet, stoic, completely lacking emotion, and takes everything literally, there seems no chance the sisters are related.  Despite Pinkie’ s insistence that her friends become friends with her rock obsessed sister, there is no chemistry between them.  Pinkie, in her usual disregard for reality tries to fix this–without regard for her safety.

This episode shocked practically everybody, but then again most everybody’s favorite Star Trek character is Spock.  The story, in fact the series, is all about different kinds of people and different kinds of friendship, and tolerance of people who are different.  This episode hammers that point with a rock.

What to watch for (and comment about):

  • What is Maud’s cutie mark?
  • May it be that Equestrian gemstones and rock candy are similar substances?  Speculate in the comments.

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