Equestria Girls (S3EX)


Watch Twilight Sparkle must pass through the looking glass to save a parallel world from demonic possession.

Twilight Sparkle, newly minted princess and fresh out of the hospital after crashing into the camera after the coronation, is not so sure she has what it takes to be a princess. While visiting the Crystal Empire Castle, her crown and element of harmony is stolen by a mysterious pony who disappears into a mirror.  Twilight is forced follow into a parallel world to retrieve her element of harmony and Spike follows her.  They find themselves in a human world without magic.  She’s a teenage girl and he a dog. Without a clue about how even to walk like a human, Twilight must figure out how  to find a clever, former rebel protege of Celestia.  When she finds mirror human versions of  her friends, she soon learns how to master the most terrifying of challenge all: high school.

Production of the movie required resources that made it necessary to shorten season 3.  Building the flash puppets and animating a feature length movie took time.  (There was over a year of production before season 1 released.) Though we can pine for pony episodes, the result is more than Hasbro trying to branch out into a new toy line.  The story is tight and plausible for the Equestrian universe, and it brings with it a number of great new songs (five of which can be found on the My Litte Pony: Equestria Girls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).  Though EG works as a cliché story of good school girls verses bad ones, it joyfully recapitulates the pilot episodes of Friendship is Magic and deals plausibly with hard challenges faced by an alien pony princess in a strange land.  Her mission isn’t a slam dunk.  Twilight fails repeatedly, losing her crown even when she finally wins it back.  That the magic of friendship exists in an analogue of our world is pretty cool. The story supported it; had it not, it could have gone very badly horribly wrong.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • What is Pinkie Pie’s new word?
  • What does Diamond Tiara hit Twilight with in the first crowd scene?  (You may need to slo-mo this.)
  • List all the scenes hark back to Friendship is Magic Part 1?
  • What does Trixie like?

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