One Bad Apple (S3E4)


Watch as the Cutie Mark Crusaders fail to earn their cutie marks in handling bullies.

When Apple Bloom’s cousin Babs Seed from Manehatten arrives, Apple Bloom expects to befriend her and have her join the CMC because they all share a lack of a Cutie Mark.  Babs seems unimpressed with the club house. When she is viewing a float built by the CMC, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara show up to taunt the blank flanks.  Babs sees a chance to be in with the cool kids and breaks the float. Can Apple Bloom and CMC survive a week with a bully?

This episode effectively uses the young age of the CMC to talk about being the victim of a bully and what causes someone to become a bully.  Oddly, as does Call of the Cutie, it also talks to the adult audience demonstrating how a child’s guardian may miss or discount signs of bullying; it serves as a warning to be more vigilant.  In both episodes, Applejack is pretty much clueless.  A high point of the episode is the song Babs Seed.  Not only is a catchy 1950s style soda pop hop piece, the montage is full of visual puns that play off the lyric and the stylized presentation.  Examples are Babs spitting seeds and drawing mustaches, to name just two.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Watch for when a great idea appears in the club house.
  • What’s the Star Wars reference?
  • What fairy tale is referenced in the Babs Seed montage?
  • Look for Sweetie Belle and Rarity’s father outside her father’s house.  What is he doing?
  • “Did you bring the thing, from the place?” Where have we heard the italicized portion of that before?
  • So Scootaloo builds motorized parade floats?  Does this make what she is taught in season four’s Twilight Time suspect, or a continuity error?
  • Best line: Sweetie Belle’s exclamation after she explains why they booby-trapped the float.

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