It’s About Time (S2E20)

S2E20Watch as Twilight have a psychological break-down in the middle of MLP’s one and only science fiction episode.

Twilight is an epic worrier and is certifiably OCD to the point that she causes a discontinuity in the space time continuum.  Will Equestria survive?

As in the last episode, a character goes through major character development.  Twilight, the former resident of an ivory tower, learns the hard way (again, remember Lesson Zero) not to whip herself into a frenzy because it keeps her from thinking straight.  At the end of the episode, Twilight finds it a revelation to see herself a week ago as certifiably nuts.  Mind you, this episode is magical and timey-whimey, but it’s an appropriate lesson for young and old that some people that they need not wait to learn lessons until they have their first heart attack.

What to look for (and comment upon):

  • What does Spike dream of?  (Two answers required.)
  • Home many balloons does it take to lift Pinkie Pie?  (Does this imply she’s an air head?)
  • In what previous episode is there an issue with cracks in a dam?
  • When you mean from “coast to coast” in Equestria, what two cities do you mention?
  • The moment Twilight says Cerberus’s appearance is great, what does she stop him from doing?
  • There are two running jokes in this episode.  One has to do with Pinkie Pie and the other with Spike.  What are they?

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