Hurricane Fluttershy (S2E22)


Watch Fluttershy master the self-limiting fears in her head.

In Equestria, the hydrological cycle is run by pegasi, and as such they must generate a waterspout to ship water from reservoirs to Cloudsdale.  Unlike a simple tornado, the mass transport requires over 800 “wing-power” to work and all Ponyville pegasi are required.  Fluttershy, who lives hermit-like at the edge of the Everfree suffers performance anxiety even speaking to someone, let alone doing something athletic.  Whereas previously others applied whip to flank for her (The Return of Harmony pt 2), this time she wants to help her friends and works to desensitize herself.  Thus, Fluttershy learns that one’s own reasons to succeed are better than those of others.

Once again Fluttershy undergoes intense character development; the episode finds a sweet spot for her target demographic while providing encouragement for those of a few more years that can still empathize with being put on the spot.  Only we can to learn how to master our fears, and this episode gives clues as to how and that it can be done.  Praising those who obviously succeed is a good friendship lesson for the rest of us who’ve mastered Fluttershy’s fears.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Mid-20th century newsreel-style info-dump.  Does anybody remember a 16mm film projector in school?  (If so, your not in this show’s target demographic.)
  • Watch for Fluttershy loosing it.  This becomes a Fluttershy troupe,  In what episode will we see something similar?
  • Do the math:  If 800 wing power is required, based on an average wing power reported by Twilight, how many pegasi are required?  Guess the writers are not mathematicians.  Could Rainbow Dash have conceivably broken the record?
  • Notice during the training, much of it is to desensitize Fluttershy to her performance exercise.  Her animal friends understand she is better than she thinks.
  • Watch for super-cute guitar-triumph shot in front of the sun.
  • When Fluttershy tries to re-qualify, watch Twilight carefully.  Did she properly report Fluttershy’s score as 2.3?
  • How many pegasi line up?  Are there enough?
    Do you feel at all sorry for Angel Bunny?
  • Spitfire looks on while the Ponyville pegasi struggle to provide Cloudsdale with a badly needed resource.  Why do you think she doesn’t lift a feather to provide the extra wing power?
  • Be honest: were you choked-up when Fluttershy finally succeeded?

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