Dragon Quest (S2E21)


Watch Spike go on a journey to learn what it means to be Spike.

Until this day, Spike has had no contact with his own species, but with dragons flying overhead and breathing fire, he begins to comprehend how different he is from the ponies he lives with.  Perhaps it is that moment where a son raised by a single mother wonders what being male is all about; it feels like that might be a major component when the girls fail to calm him.  When Twilight cannot find information about what it is like to be a dragon, he vows to join the dragon migration, despite lack his lack of wings.  Twilight lets him go, but as Rarity and Rainbow wave good by, RD asks, “We’re following him, right?”  Spike finds some young dragons: stereotypic male adolescent hazing and shenanigans (dragon-style) follow.  Forget Spike—will RD, Rarity, and Twilight survive?

In this Spike-focused episode, he gets an advanced course in machismo and is able to compare being raised by women to, well, basically, anarchy.  The stereotypes do serve to quickly make a point, but doing some seems a tad too easy for the writers, and it’s to the detriment of the target demographic capable and deserving of more.  What do you think?  The episode presents the moral dilemmas front and center and its heartwarming to see Spike make choices.  It’s also good to see Fluttershy “putting her hoof down”…delicately.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Fluttershy stands up for herself.  ‘Nuf said.
  • Carefully watch the interplay during the trench scene.  Very astute writing here; yes, I remember being cornered by aunts as a kid Spike’s age.  Oh, boy…
  • Crackle?  Twilight knowing something about dragons, or deux ex machina?
  • What finally impresses the teenage dragons?
  • What is Spike’s dilemma?

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