A Friend in Deed (S2E18)


Watch Pinkie Pie learn that it is harder to make some ponies smile than others.

As the story begins, we learn Pinkie Pie considers herself a smile expert, with the tough-cookie Cake twins from Baby Cakes being her tough workout. When she walks through town, she brings a smile to everypony’s face, and finally breaks out into song.  At the end though, she comes nose-to-nose with a newcomer, a donkey who is both her antithesis and her biggest challenge.  Though she tries hard, she seems destined to alienate her new audience.  Will she actually fail?

This episode ushers one of the best songs of the series, The Smile Song, which can be found in all its pristine glory on My Little Pony – Songs of Friendship and Magic.  Well worth the price, and if it can’t lift your spirits, nothing will.  It’s one of the few MLP songs that any pop singer could cover, with the pony references changed, and turned into a top hit. Pinkie Pie is as enigmatic and hard to classify as ever she was. In a human world, would she exist, where would she fit in?  We all know somebody like this, though.  Intuitive—one minute completely lacking empathy and a minute later reading your soul.  This story demonstrates all of that, and so, despite an admittedly childish premise, it does bring a smile to your face.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • What song is alluded to by the donkey’s name?  Where does that song appear in the episode?
  • Look for the literal welcome wagon.  Extra credit: In what episode will it reappear?
  • Look for the snow globe.  Who is swimming in that globe?
  • What does Pinkie mistake as a spider?  Extra credit: In what episode will its replacement reappear?
  • What is Rainbow Dash reading?
  • How many songs are in the episode?

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