A Canterlot Wedding Pt 1 (S2E25)

S2E25Watch Twilight be surprised, repeatedly, thanks to a wedding invitation.

When Twilight receives an invitation to her brother’s wedding, everybody (including the audience) is surprised.  Twilight’s stress levels rise when she learns that not only was she not informed that he was engaged, but that he is marrying royalty.  When we learn that Canterlot is under a threat alert and that her brother, Shining Armor, is creating the force field protecting the city, the miscommunication seems to start making sense.  When Twilight learns that her brother is marrying her former foal-sitter she’s is delighted; but this pink prissy pony princess has changed since Twilight last saw her.  Changed.  A lot.

This episode is surprising in many ways: it’s sinister tone and a builds up the audience’s expectations of a new princess to mask totally unexpected epic twist.  The run up to the episode with previews showing new new girly pink pony princess left many thinking Hasbro could care less about ruining the show if it sold more toys.  Nothing could have been farther from the truth.  We’ll have to get through two episode to see the neo-feminist pay-off.  Meanwhile, pay attention to B. B. B. F. F. song; not only are the lyrics and music great, but the flashbacks fill in Twilight’s back-story, including an unexpectedly emotional bit where she waved good-bye to her brother when Celestia sent sent her as a crown representative to Ponyville to supervise the Summer Sun Celebration preparations depicted in the pilot episode.

What to watch for (and comment about):

  • Who’s intuition should we trust in this episode?
  • We know ponies have pockets.  Who else has pockets?
  • When Pinkie Pie does a cartwheel, what does Twilight smooth out.  Would you eat that afterwards?
  • “Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.  Who _________ is that?”  Is this funny kid-friendly curse, or what?
  • At what point can you first see the force field around Canterlot?  At what point did you actually first notice it?
  • What does Cadence reply when foal Twilight says she’s just a regular old unicorn?  Combined with having a princess as a baby-sitter, why does this seem like foreshadowing?
  • What are the Mane 6 drinking at the outdoor cafe?  Cocktails?  Gasp, alcohol!?
  • If  The Hub aired finales as single episodes one week apart, what affect would this cliffhanger have had on your state of mind?

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