The Mysterious Mare Do Well (S2E8)


Watch Rainbow Dash’s ego inflate to epic proportions.

Rainbow Dash has rarely shown lack of self-esteem—just the opposite—but when Scootaloo and a herd of her friends decide to canonize RD as their hero, her ego grows larger.  Then she rescues a filly fallen into a well, the praise of the villagers bathes her.  She’s embarrassed, but liking it…a lot.  After other rescues, RD is signing autographs and planning memoirs.  She thinks she’s found Nirvana, but then another hero shows up and quietly steals the limelight and all the glory.  Will Rainbow Dash explode?

Strong stories have characters that are true to their nature, present rules that are easy to understand, and provide plausible situations and conflicts.  Two of three ain’t bad: Quiet old Ponyville becomes suddenly dangerous, with runaway vehicles, crumpling buildings, crashing balloons, and bursting dams.  When RD’s friends set out to teach her a lesson in “grace and humility,” they beat RD to the punch in the hero game.  Arguably, it is Pinkie Sense(tm) that guides them to the scene.  But which flavor of Mare Do Well is chosen to handle the problem?  Why only one if lives are at stake?  And if a dam is about to burst, is it ethical to let RD fail first, even if it works out in the end?  Rainbow Dash learns her lesson, but the story’s ethics is distracting.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Look for the first appearance of an infant pony.
  • “Spike’s a ghost?!”  Pinkie runs… is she the type that does what is instantly funny, i.e., a comedian, or has the song about giggling at ghosties (Friendship is Magic pt 2) been forgotten?
  • What is the last thing that Rainbow Dash says for the camera about what it takes to be a hero?  (One of the best lines in the script.)
  • At the end of the inside autograph session, look for very special expressions as Twilight and Applejack mug for the camera.  (15:50)
  • Who saved the balloonist?  Who saved the runaway bus?  Who saved the construction site ponies?  Who saved the entire municipality of Ponyville when the dam burst?  Who does the fly-over (and why doesn’t RD chase her)?
  • Note the tourist in the back seat of the runaway bus.  He visits Ponyville a lot (see Putting Your Hoof Down).
  • How can you tell when RD is in a bad mood?
  • Chocolate cake.  ‘Nuf said.

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