Sweet and Elite (S2E9)


Watch as Rarity is granted her fondest wish and goes all social with it.

Rarity, in her best Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s style, grabs for her chance at social fame and fortune when she literally crashes into an opportunity while staying in one of the ivory towers at the Canterlot Castle.

While this episode is quite funny overall and strangely wise, and contains one of the best songs—Becoming Popular—and song montages of the series, it works overtime putting Rarity’s biggest flaws front and center.  She goes from white lies and blatant lies to real whoppers at light speed, and finally lying to her friends, barely able to keep track of all the lies.  Oddly, the moral of the episode has nothing to do with her lying, though she likely did learn a lesson in it all.  Watch this episode and ponder how this got past Hasbro.  Is it a good negative lesson on what not to do?  Or does it come off as a satire on class climbing and the ethics of business?

The song can be found on My Little Pony – Songs of Friendship and Magic.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • How many lies does Rarity tell?
  • What is Rarity’s worst lie?
  • How different is Rarity’s party dress from Twilight’s?
  • Name two famous painters whose work is imitated in the song montage at the art museum.
  • Is becoming a palace bell boy a good idea?
  • How many costume changes does Rarity make during the montage?
  • What is her best outfit?  (I like the turtleneck and beret ensemble myself.)
  • Do ponies wear wigs?
  • At the Derby, Rarity tells Fancy Pants that Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolts trainer. At the party, when he asks to be introduced to her friends, I wonder what she says.

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