Sisterhooves Social (S2E5)


Watch a Sweetie Belle tornado of disruption whirl through Rarity’s life.

Waking to the smell of burning toast thanks to Sweetie Belle’s efforts to make her breakfast, Rarity finds herself saddled with babysitting while their parents travel on a week-long second honeymoon. While Sweetie Belle just wants to have fun and help, Rarity, arguably the most adult and self-centered of the Mane 6, will have none of it.  Rarity wants to attend to business, but Sweetie Belle demonstrates the superlative powers of kid destruction that are key to her character.  When Sweetie Belle wants her sister to attend the Sisterhooves Social with her and Rarity refuses, calling it uncouth, Sweetie Belle disowns her sister and Rarity agrees.  Applejack and Apple Bloom try to help, but will it be enough?

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Pay attention to the voice acting of Claire Corlett playing Sweetie Belle.  The trademark squeak in her voice is very distinct and colorful.
  • What character flaws do Rarity demonstrate and how does it seem ironic that she is the element of generosity?
  • Does this episode provide a view point about adult/child relationships that is accessible to the target 4 to 10 year old audience as well as more mature viewers?
  • Watch Sweetie Belle after the clothesline scene.  Do the animators have kid-boredom down well, or what?
  • Catch Frogs?
  • How long did it take you to figure out what was happening during the race?

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