May the Best Pet Win (S1E7)


Watch as Rainbow Dash misses the whole point of having a pet and has to learn it the hard way.

While a play date is often a ploy for parent with young children to get together, here the five friends with pets gather to have fun with their pets on a “pony pet play date,” which awakens power napping Rainbow Dash from animal noise-induced chimeric pet nightmare.  Rainbow Dash soon realizes that she is the only one of her friends that doesn’t have a pet, and at Fluttershy’s prompting agrees to rectify the lack.  What follows is an epic musical dialogue-driven Broadway musical song where Fluttershy introduces pets that first fail to interest our favorite athlete, then when she finds some, makes it hard to choose.  How to choose?  This is Rainbow Dash were talking about. A competition!  A side comment by Applejack makes it obvious what RD doesn’t understand what it means to have a pet.  Will an unlikely ungainly unpretentious critter teach Rainbow Dash to value loyalty over coolness before her pride brings the end of her?

This is the first of two pick-on-Rainbow episodes, but it is as close as we get to a tear-jerker, also.  It scores high in a fan favorite polls.  One could nitpick time issues in the race sequence as to how long the tortoise took to arrive at the landslide, and how long after the others cross the finish line that the tortoise appears, but it is forgivable thanks to the payback the scenes provide.  The song can be found on My Little Pony – Songs of Friendship and Magic.

What to watch (and to comment upon):

  • The episode is an allusion to what Aesop fable?
  • Derpy sighting: watch as the song ends.
  • In the flight through Ghastly Gorge, listen for the Ride of the Valkyries and watch for RD whistling actual notes.
  • How are the race rules interpreted such that Rainbow Dash does pick the first to cross the finish line as her pet?

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