Luna Eclipsed (S2E4)


Watch as Luna adapt to modern Equestria and find her place amongst the pony populous.
Luna, having heard of a Hallowe’en-style holiday held in the honor of her malevolent alter-ego, Nightmare Moon, puts in an appearance in an attempt to get her subjects to know her better.  Almost nobody seems to realize that the mania that gripped her on her last appearance in Ponyville was dispersed by Twilight and her friends that very night, which did not last forever.  Her millennium out-of-date court manner and loud voice scare everypony.  Worse, Pinkie Pie seems to sabotage every attempt by Twilight to defuse the fear.  But Pinkie also holds the key to the problem.  Will Luna decree a ban on Nightmare Night that lasts forever?

This is the first script of the post-Lauren Faust era.  It is also the first next generation story that builds on the great  world- and character-building of the previous 29 episodes.  A consciousness that the audience has grown beyond the 4 to 8 year target demographic to an older generation of money-spending parents and fans drives characterization that is now about the young adult Mane 6 acting and learning to be adult.  Children’s concerns are left to the CMC.  As for Pinkie Pie, she could care less how she is perceived.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Pipsqueak’s says, “This is my very first Nighthmare Night.”  In the pilot episode, it was made very clear that nobody recognized Nightmare Moon except Twilight Sparkle.  If there was a holiday that featured a legendary personage, would no one recognize her if she appeared for real?  Would no one recognize Santa Claus?   Could it be that it is everyone’s first Nightmare Night?
  • Derpy…a bag lady?
  • What does Luna say that becomes a fan meme?
  • Rainbow Dash’s costume is a call back to which episode and what organization?
  • Does Zecora’s magic trick and Trixie’s bear any resemblance?

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