Family Appreciation Day (S2E12)


Watch as Apple Bloom desperately tries to prevent her eccentric grandmother from speaking to her class.

This Apple family-centered mini-epic focuses on Granny Smith as an inadvertent antagonist. Apple Bloom has a problem.  It’s Zap Apple time, when a magical apple Granny Smith herself discovered grows and is harvested.  The rituals Granny Smith goes through draw Diamond Tiara to taunt Apple Bloom, making her dread having her grandmother visit school and humiliate her.  What follows are Apple Bloom’s fruitless efforts, with the help of the other CMCs, to prevent Granny Smith’s appearance at school. Instead she learns what makes her Grandmother special.

This turns out to be our second history Equestrian history lesson in so many episode, nicely told with a sepia-tone old-film-style sequence with a young mare Smith.  Granny Smith evolves beyond an old person joke and becomes a real character with real motivations and an important history that affected Ponyville and even Diamond Tiara’s father.  Best of all, we have a very balanced episode of children acting like children, adults acting like adults, and everybody serious about what they consider important.  And if you think Granny Smith is too eccentric, think about the rituals professional athletes put themselves through, especially during a winning streak.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Do cutie marks change over time?  Look a Filthy Rich when he first appears, then in the flashback.

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