Baby Cakes (S2E13)


Watch Pinkie learn that babies are not all fun and games.

The Cakes have foaled (must be why Mrs. Cake was so plump in Lesson Zero).  Pinkie is so excited to have two babies to play with she gets herself kicked out of the hospital nursery.  Later, Pinkie celebrates their month-a-versary by playing with the infants while supervised by their parents.  Overall, she doesn’t seem to understand that children are not cute and fun all the time, and understandably the Cakes try to find any other babysitter other than Pinkie when they have a big catering job.  When they fail, they reluctantly choose Pinkie and instruct her what to do.  Alone, the baby Cakes transform into changeling spawn from Tartarus–unhappy infants in the care of an adult they haven’t yet trained.  When the twins prove to be prodigies, Pinkie begins to feel like she’s in a horror flick and won’t survive the experience…

After having built up the young adult personalities of the Mane 6 this season, the writers now throw a important real-life lesson at arguably the most frivolous of the friends, and do an jaw-dropping job presenting it with humor spiced with a perfect pinch of justifiable horror.  Babies aren’t cutesy dolls; having to care for them is hard, demanding, relentless, and scary—for all their rewards.  You can’t help but empathize with the approximately 16-year teenage deer-caught-in-the-headlights Pinkie.  Boy oh boy, nobody watching will mistake the message in this episode.  Nopony.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Infants (beady-eye foals) first showed up in what episode?
  • How could the Cakes who are Earth Ponies have ended up with a Pegasus and a Unicorn foal?
  • Notice that Carrot Cake (the Dad) changes the diapers.  As an Earth pony, he uses his mouth…eeew.
  • Two, count-em, two running gags: “fill in the blank is not food, Pumpkin Cake!” and…?
  • Notice the ingenious foal-carrier saddle bags.
  • Pinkie’s real middle name is Diane.  What does she claim it is in this episode?
  • Keep track of the diapers after Pinkie tries to change the babies, particularly when Twilight arrives.
  • Watch for the horror movie scene and pay attention to the background music as the baby Cakes go completely out of control.
  • Isn’t it interesting that Psycho! has become such a part of the culture that it can be alluded to in a children’s cartoon?
  • One hopes that Scootaloo doesn’t meet Pound Cake.  Why might such a meeting traumatize the CMC founder for life?

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