The Cutie Mark Chronicles (S1E23)


Watch and learn how the Mane 6 earned their cutie marks.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders lament, “No matter what we try, we always end up without our cutie marks. And, surprisingly often, covered in tree sap.”  Under that cloud, Scootaloo suggests that they ask Rainbow Dash (her hero) how she earned her cutie mark.  As with all their plans, something else happens.  They end up learning how everybody but Rainbow Dash earned their cutie marks first, and that the group of friends might have more in common then they thought.

This may seem like a CMC episode, but it  isn’t.  The three fillies act as a narrative vehicle to tell the origin stories of the adult main characters.  Sufficient allusions have been made this season to how Rainbow Dash got cutie mark that the actual story is no surprise.   How Twilight got hers is especially enlightening.  From the prospective of what we will learn in the fourth season premiere Princess Twilight Sparkle pt 2, Celestia’s recognition of Twilight’s cutie mark must have been nothing less then heart stopping.   Fluttershy’s is also of note because it leaves one wondering if Fluttershy, having found her calling, never actually returned to Cloudsdale and made her home on the ground—alone and without parents—at a very early age.

What to look for (and comment upon):

  • How old (in human years) was Fluttershy when she moved alone to Ponyville?
  • What landmarks in Manhattan  also exist in Manehatten?
  • Notice that filly Fluttershy is drawn differently then filly Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo.  Why might this be?  A clue can be found in Griffon the Brush Off.  Is filly Rarity also drawn differently then filly Sweetie Belle?  Do you think this is significant?
  • What was Twilight’s inspiration?
  • What is Pinkie Pie’s full name?
  • How many sisters does Pinkie have?
  • Do you think Rarity’s special talent and her dressmaking skill are well related?
  • Note the players at Rarity’s school play.  Is that Cherrilee?
  • There are time inconsistencies in the cutie mark stories.  I think there are three.  Can you point them all out?
  • Given what we know about the mane 6, what are their relative ages?  Who’s oldest?

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