The Best Night Ever (S1E26)


Watch the pony friends learn that expectations rarely survive contact with reality.

This completes the season story arc foreshadowed in The Ticket Master and Suited for Success.  The ponies, all dressed to the nines in Rarity’s wonderful couture, arrive at The Grand Galloping Gala with dreams and expectations.  Nothing goes as planned, starting with when they find themselves in a movie-musical-dance-extravaganza.  Disasters mount upon disasters as the Ponyvillians try to party, then try even harder to make their dreams come true.  Will we learn the real reason the mane 6 received an invite?  Is Celestia the ultimate troll?  Is she lovable even-so?  Can ponies bake good donuts?  Find out!

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Watch for the Cinderella reference.  Makes one wonder if the mouse-draw carriage might have stranded the friends in Canterlot at midnight.
  • What does Rarity say and Applejack reply when Twilight invites Spike into their dressing room?
  • Derpy sightings throughout the episode.  How many do you count?
  • When Celestia jumps between clouds over the Canterlot skyline, does it remind you of something Disney?
  • When the gardener, Mr. Greenhooves (who had cameos in a number of earlier episodes) first speaks, what fairy tale movie does his dialogue refer to?
  • Watch for the introduction of a fan-favorite background pony playing the cello.  Her name?
  • Listen to the mournful piano background music during the sequence where the friends realize this wasn’t what they hoped for.  The painted color background cards are also pretty cool.
  • Watch for the second Cinderella reference.  What does Rarity do when Pinkie Pie says “Now you’re sure to find your prince”?

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