Sonic Rainboom (S1E16)


Watch Rainbow Dash lose her nerve and Rarity all perspective on a visit to Cloudsdale.

When Rainbow Dash’s legendary aerial trick turns out to be impossible for her to replicate, and Flutteryshy’s cheering less than inspiring, Rainbow’s confidence flags. She might not win the Cloudsdale Young Flyer completion and the prize: a day with the Wonderbolts!  When Twilight provides a magical solutions allowing the four terrestrials in Mane 6 to visit the cloud city, she inadvertently provides vain Rarity the adoration she craves and a way for Rarity to creditably compete against Rainbow.  Both ponies are faced with learning what’s really important in life, and Fluttershy gets a taste of true enthusiasm.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • How do Rainbow Dash and Rarity’s flaws interfere with them attaining their goals?  (This might be a better lesson for this episode then the stated one.)
  • Watch for the introduction of the Fluttershy “Yay” meme in the hook.  Her dainty yay spawned quite a few fan music works.  My two favorites:  Fluttershy’s Yay Song  and Dubstep remix by Frustr8tor.
  • Look also for explanation of what Rainbow Dash’s most famous trick.  This foreshadows The Cutie Mark Chronicles, introducing older versions of Fluttershy’s bullies from that episode.  The trick also figures peripherally in A Canterlot Wedding pt 2.  (And in fan-made Double Rainboom, which I almost considered adding to the countdown, so go watch now.)
  • What did Rainbow Dash rediscover that made the Sonic Rainboom possible?
  • Of all the characters, the animators paid the most attention to Rarity.  While other ponies are pretty much stuck in profile, 3/4, and front view, Rarity does 180-degree full-frame moves.  Watch when she flank-butts Twilight in the library and turns around in the balloon during the epilogue.
  • Rare cute Rainbow Dash alert, flicking her tail in irritation when the bullies harass her.
  • How old do you think the ponies are in human terms?  I am fully convinced that RD is the human-equivalent of an 18 year-old recent high school graduate with her first job and thoughts of joining the military.

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