Party of One (S1E25)


Watch as Pinkie Pie loses her tenuous hold on reality.

Pinkie Pie performs a singing-dancing telegram multimedia invite to her pet alligator’s first birthday party for each of her friends.  At the party, her friends tell her that she throws the best parties and shower her with praise.  Then Twilight makes the mistake of saying as she leaves, “We should do this again, soon.”  Pinkie Pie, whose life is one continuous party, decides to throw a sequel “After-Birthday Party” for Gummy.  When her friends start giving excuses, Pinkie suspects her friends are lying to her.  When she sees them actively hiding from her, her sanity shatters.  Will the audience survive the radioactive fallout?

This is the most psychologically intense episode of the entire series, with perhaps the cliff-hanger return of Nightmare Moon and the subsequent attack on Celestia in Princess Twilight parts 1 and 2 coming  in second.  In fandom, this groundbreaking episode is cited as the one to use to introduce the show to muggles.  And though the animation and dialogue try to ameliorate Pinkie’s absolutely frightening mental state, it is undeniably creepy for kid’s TV with an almost classic vibe of Psycho or The Shining.  After seeing this episode (or seeing it again), it is hard not to let it color subsequent episodes when Pinkie Pie acts unusually strange.  Yeah, she scares me… and I’m not sure I’d want her as a friend.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Who has this drollest line: “See you later birthday alligator!”
  • How could a the cake survive being held in Rarity’s tale?
  • Running joke in the episode: “You mean this afternoon afternoon?”
  • What does Spike think about Fluttershy?
  • When Pinkie Pie’s reality bursts, what visual pun is animated?  In what other episodes does this uniquely MLP troupe return?
  • What are the objects Pinkie Pie uses as puppets?
  • How do you feel about equivocating, telling white lies to hide things like surprises, after seeing this episode?

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