A Bird in the Hand (S1E22)


Watch the Day of the Living Trolls [pun] as Princess Celestia and her pet prove their mettle.

The episode begins with Angel Bunny miming a sequence that refers to the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland that demonstrates that Fluttershy is late for a very important date: a brunch with Princess Celestia.  At the buffet, Fluttershy notices that Celestia pet bird is sick.  When the opportunity arises, Fluttershy shows the incredible temerity she demonstrated in Dragonshy and The Stare Master when an animal or friend is in danger by “borrowing” the royal pet in order to heal it.  What follows verges on slapstick as an oddly non-cooperative patient deals with Fluttershy’s unwanted kindness.  Eventually, Twilight is sucked into the incendiary mayhem when she discovers Fluttershy has stolen the missing bird.

Despite descent into Looney Tunes-style slapstick cartoon humor, the story of asking permission and suffering consequences when you don’t understand the real situation shines through.  Besides fleshing out Fluttershy’s ability to act and overcome her shy nature under the right circumstances, we learn quite a bit about the Princess.  I suppose if you’ve lived over a millennium, you ought to have a good sense of humor.  This firmly ensconces the Celestia-as-a-troll meme.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Watch for a reference to the season story arc when Fluttershy looks for something to dress in.
  • Who is the third troll in this episode?
  • At what point does Fluttershy break the fourth wall?
  • Twilight thinks that she and Fluttershy are in big trouble over the theft of Celestia’s pet.  Are her fears founded?

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