Fall Weather Friends (S1E13)


Watch as the two most competitive ponies prove that they are actually quite alike.

Since The Ticket Master, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been depicted as competitive, both with egos bigger than their heads.  When Rainbow Dash looses a simple game of horseshoes, and is flabbergasted that she actually lost, the two agree to an Iron Pony competition to settle who is the most sporty pony.  When even the decathlon proves inconclusive because, well, Rainbow Dash has wings and Applejack thinks using them is cheating, a final event is planned.  In Equestria, ponies change the seasons; a race is held to change summer to fall (causing winds that blow the leaves from the trees).  The pair learn that being too competitive can cause you to loose track of what is really important.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Best line? “Besides, you’re a mighty good athlete… I’m just better.”
  • Visualize this: A pony throwing horseshoes.  A human throwing tennis shoes.  Weird, huh?  At least we don’t bite our shoes…
  • Is the final score of the decathlon correct?
  • Notice during the running of the leaves one of animation idiosyncrasies of the 4th generation show: ponies run with their nose down, leading with their forehead.
  • Best ironic humorous line: “Oh, horse apples!” or “With all your horsing around, it was quite easy.”?
  • Pay attention to Pinkie Pie’s announcing.  It is hard not to be flabbergasted as Spike when she digresses to fudge and pajamas.  Writing Pinkie Pie’s dialogue must be like tying one’s thoughts into a Gordian knot.

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