Applebuck Season (S1E4)


Watch as we learn that Applejack is a synonymous with stubborn.

Sweet Apple Acres, perennially understaffed, is down to one pony to handle the apple harvest when Applejack’s brother, Big Mac, is injured.  AJ may be “the loyalist of friends and the most dependable of ponies”, but when her brother says the job might be to hard for her to handle alone, ever-competitive AJ vows to complete it without help.   AJ goes on to prove how mulish stubborn a pony can be and, though she is the element of honesty, that she may not always be honest with herself.  As she works obsessively for the next week, her lack of sleep makes it difficult for her to handle her intended task and to provide the help she promised her friends, causing her to catapult Rainbow Dash, to make ponies sick with contaminated baked goods, and to foment a “small” stampede.  Going from disaster to disaster, eventually she learns that accepting help may not be a sign of weakness after all.

Though a season’s scripts are reportedly worked upon in parallel, which does contribute great continuity throughout the season, AJ’s attitude and personality differ markedly from that in the immediately previous episode, The Ticket Master, where Twilight is seen helping on the farm.  Applebuck Season is probably the first episode written after Hasbro green-lighted the production of the series and should be considered the more canon of the two.  Despite the comedy, and the slapstick Wiley Coyote catapult scene, this episode firmly establishes the personality and interests of all the Mane 6.  Even Rarity gets to throw out a “messy mane” comment.

What to watch for (and comment upon):

  • Who does Twilight tell AJ “dropped in on her” today?
  • When free baked goods are given out, what does the grey mare with yellow eyes and mane say?  (Yeah, that meme.)  What is the mare’s official and unofficial name?
  • Specifically, what kind of baked goods does Applejack say is being given away hot?
  • What is class of food does Pinkie Pie say made everybody sick?
  • What cliche does Twilight change, uh, slightly when AJ fails to buck apples out of a tree?
  • What cliche does Twilight pun when AJ is upside down?
  • What cliche does Twilight throw down that proves she is not politically correct?  (It proves to be a common cliche and is repeated in other episodes, with the same result.)
  • If you know what alliteration is, look for a really good example when Twilight points out that not only is AJ not getting her job done, but that she is hurting others.  (If you don’t know the word, look it up.)

    How many apples can Twilight harvest at one time?  Provide an exact count.  (Seems like a unicorn might be the ideal seasonal agricultural worker.)



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